Eternal Sleepwalker




LP/CD released by Svart Records March 6th 2015.
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Tape released by Tape Worship Records April 2015.

Recorded during the summer of 2014 by Nicklas Rudolfsson, Johan Bäckman and Daniel Moilanen. Produced by Nicklas Rudolfsson and Johan Bäckman. Mixed and mastered by Johan Bäckman. Music and lyrics by Nicklas Rudolfsson.

Nicklas Rudolfsson – electric guitar, vocals
Johan Bäckman – electric bass guitar
Daniel Moilanen – drums


Doomed & Stoned
"After more than several spins, I find Eternal Sleepwalker to be deliberate and effective. It makes me want to take a long and lonesome walk through a misty, desolated land with nothing but the leaves of trees swooshing in the wind, grey and black imagery filling the landscape."

Hellride Music (Chris Barnes)
"I can’t recommend Eternal Sleepwalker enough. Heavydeath is among the top of my current favorite crop of new bands. Usually I can’t be arsed to check out what’s happening on a band’s BandCamp or Facebook page, but I’ll put on the brakes for Heavydeath every day of the week. Mighty stuff here."

"All in all, a fantastic journey through a really well crafted landscape, an album that will without doubt appeal to the Doom and Death fan alike, and will remain on my turntable for many a full Moon to come."

The Sludgelord
"As stated previously, there seems to have been a lot of work put into Eternal Sleepwalker in order to make it quite literally sound like a nightmare. It’s not in the sounds, but in how the sounds are born and how they die in the wall of sound. Notes materialize and disappear in spectral fashion throughout and this compliments Rudolfsson’s gaping and horrific vocal delivery, and this marriage not only proudly represents the Swedish Death Metal sound, but actually takes it to different places. It’s a menacing piece of work that will be met with arms wide open by those with a taste for Death and Doom, but would certainly prove too dense for a first-time listener."

Eternal Terror
"Grey and black imagery fills the landscape- the cover art giving you a glimpse into what is lurking on the horizon should you dare the venture into Heavydeath’s world. Those who sit in the shadows when it comes to doom/death may not have the patience to handle these anvil constructs – but there will be enough people in the underground who treasure “Eternal Sleepwalker” as the devil’s triumvirate progressions ring loud and clear."

Doom Metal Heaven
"Heavydeath have a distinctive sound and capture a unique mood with their music. ‘Eternal Sleepwalker’ is blessed with resounding love and seething hate in equal measure, and quality in abundance."

Metal Forces
"Completely bereft of frills, the seven lengthy tracks on offer have a harmful, exhausting buzz about them and are graced by a gloomy, booming vocal tone that echoes across the horizon of pallid sound like some sorcerer conjuring up demons."

Cvlt Nation
"While Eternal Sleepwalker is made up of a mere seven tracks, it clocks in at almost an hour, so before even listening to a single note, the odds of it being a great stoner doom record are pretty damn good. Luckily, Heavydeath backs it up with some really grueling riffs that are catchy yet could wipe out an entire major metropolitan city if played loud enough. Perhaps if you crank up your sound system to its maximum, you could do just that."

Angry Metal Guy
"Most importantly, Heavydeath sullenly hearken back to a time when heavy metal was at its most primal – and consequently, its most genuine. Bravo."

Metal Temple
"Explaining in few words: their music is slow as a funeral, bitter as hell, but heavy and abrasive, with very good personality."


released March 6, 2015


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If we have to categorize our music then it may be something like "Heavy Metal of Death and Doom".

Johan Bäckman - electric bass
Daniel Moilanen - drums
Nicklas Rudolfsson - electric guitar, vocals

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Track Name: Ascending
A dark disease Choking us slow We go in a row Down towards the abyss But few chosen Know the solution They hold the key to Ascending from pestilence Rise, now, die, now Rise, now, die, now
Track Name: Road to the Fire
I travel, on a road In the eye, reflects a burning… horizon Road to thee, fire Road to thee, fire The dust, behind me Remains in, forgotten… memories Road to thee, fire Road to thee, fire Devoured by the flames
Track Name: Bow Down
Bow down for me Sacrifice your life Sacrifice, let’s sacrifice
Track Name: Eat the Sun
Fly away To eat the sun Without knowledge The sun Is burning And so you do The ash falls Everything… Becomes darker The sun Is drowned in A dark jaw So it will be for you who ate the sun
Track Name: Eternal Sleepwalker
He is the one That slowly wraps his robe Like a shadow Over this doomed world Eternal sleepwalker He is the one Who watches over the sleeping The mass of drones Beyond redemption Eternal sleepwalker Thousands living dead Asleep while they eat their bread
Track Name: Heavy as Death
Once I was young No insight, of the future Now it feels, like the heavy death Like decadence, of our time Death is heavy Heavy as death

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